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Perfect Wood trumpet mouthpieces incorporate a 2-piece assembly to create a uniquely comfortable, high-performance playing experience.

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We custom manufacture to match the design of existing trumpet mouthpieces or to suit a musician’s unique needs.

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Since 1997
Precision Engineering + Design

The Perfect Wood manufactures the highest-quality wood trumpet mouthpieces to suit any playing style. Whether playing professionally or just learning the instrument, we aim to help musicians achieve their best sound and performance by ensuring the most comfortable playing experience possible.

Commitment to Quality

Wayne Tarling, designer and manufacturer of the Perfect Wood trumpet mouthpieces, is a mechanical engineer with more than 30 years’ experience working in a range of manufacturing settings that include fuel cell technologies, emergency shelters, industrial tooling and machinery, and specialty plastics. Specializing in quality assurance and quality control development, he brings his expertise in quantitative analysis and precision application to the Perfect Wood.

Wayne Tarling

Designer | Manufacturer
A musician at heart, Wayne has been involved with music his whole life. He first started playing a cardboard drum set at the age of three and began formal piano and violin training from the age of five. He is proficient in percussion, keyboards, euphonium, and tuba, and has played in several bands throughout his life.


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