January 2, 2017

About the Perfect Wood

Wooden trumpet mouthpiece rimThe Perfect Wood manufactures the highest-quality wood trumpet mouthpieces to suit any playing style. Whether playing professionally or just learning the instrument, we aim to help musicians achieve their best sound and performance by ensuring the most comfortable playing experience possible.

Quality Manufacturing

Initial prototyping for the Perfect Wood began in the 1990s and has since undergone years of experimentation and testing to achieve a high-performance and durable design. Since the early 2000s, we’ve been using precision, computer-aided design and manufacturing tools to produce professional-level products to the highest consistency.

Perfect Wood trumpet mouthpieces have been sold worldwide, tested by amateur and professional trumpet players in a range of settings that include concert, symphony, jazz ensemble, and solo performance.

We conduct all design and manufacturing in house, so we know exactly what we ship to our customers. All materials are closely inspected for quality, and hardwoods are monitored and stored to ensure the wood is correctly seasoned. All components are inspected at every stage of manufacture and must pass a final inspection.

Wayne Tarling

The Perfect Wood trumpet mouthpiece was developed by Wayne Tarling. Wayne began playing wind instruments with his two sons, one of which developed an allergy to his metal trombone mouthpiece. Wayne designed initial wooden mouthpiece prototypes as a hypoallergenic alternative to existing brass and other metallic alternatives available at the time.

Wayne is a mechanical engineer with more than 40 years’ experience working in a range of manufacturing settings that include fuel cell technologies, emergency shelters, industrial tooling and machinery, and specialty plastics. Specializing in quality assurance and quality control, he brings his expertise in quantitative analysis and precision application to Perfect Wood trumpet mouthpieces.

A musician at heart, Wayne has been involved with music his whole life. He began formal piano and violin training from the age of 5, and studied percussion with the world-renown Jim Blackley from the age of 6 to 16. He is proficient in percussion, keyboards, euphonium, and tuba, and has played in several bands throughout his life.