January 2, 2017

How to Identify Your Mouthpiece

Wooden trumpet mouthpiece sizesWe can accurately match the dimensions of your existing trumpet mouthpiece, or we can create a completely different mouthpiece tailored to your playing goals. If purchasing a Perfect Wood trumpet mouthpiece for the first time, matching the dimensions of your existing mouthpiece will offer the best means for comparing comfort and performance.

For the most in-depth analysis of your mouthpiece, let us know the make and model of the mouthpiece you are using, and we’ll advise on equivalent features to be used in a custom Perfect Wood trumpet mouthpiece.

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Identifying Perfect Wood Specifications 

Perfect Wood cups are engraved with size and configuration details, similar to how metal mouthpieces are engraved. For example, a Bach 5C equivalent would be engraved as 16.2-M-2.0-SR-3.66B.

  • 16.2: Inside diameter in millimeters
  • M: Medium cup depth
  • 2.0: Bite radius
  • SR: Semi-round rim
  • 3.66B: Bore

Two Ways to Identify Inside Diameter of Your Existing Trumpet Mouthpiece 

  • Tell us the make and model number of your current mouthpiece and we’ll advise you on equivalent sizing.
  • Find the make and model number on the conversion chart below.

Trumpet Mouthpiece Conversion Chart

Chart comparing trumpet mouthpiece sizes