January 2, 2017

Types of Mouthpieces

Wood trumpet, flugelhorn, and cornet mouthpieces

The Perfect Wood manufactures mouthpieces for a range of instruments, including trumpet, cornet, flugelhorn, European F trumpet, and the alpenhorn.

All cups, regardless of configuration, will fit into any stem type: trumpet, cornet, or flugelhorn.


The trumpet has been a staple for classical and jazz ensembles since the 14th century. One of the most popular and versatile instruments, it’s ability to reach higher frequencies makes it especially suited for lead and solo performances.


The cornet is a descendant of the standard trumpet and the first trumpet-style instrument to adopt the piston-valve mechanism now standard on most trumpets. Cornets have a more compact shape and a conical bore, giving it a much mellower tone quality that was originally prized for solo trumpeters.


The flugelhorn is another variation on the trumpet. It has a wider, more conical bore than trumpets and cornets and is especially popular among European military bands. Its tone is mellower and darker than the cornet.

European F Trumpet

The European F trumpet incorporates trumpet and cornet design and is considered ideal for 19th and 20th century orchestral trumpet arrangements. The European F trumpet features a narrow bore and flexibility suited for rich, full-toned soloing.

Alpenhorn (also “alphorn” or “alpine horn”)

The alpenhorn has long been used in European alpine areas by herdsman and villagers to sound communications between communities and at daily ceremonies and festivals. Alpenhorns are carved from solid wood can and reach up to 12 feet (4 metres) in length. Unlike other Perfect Wood mouthpieces, alpenhorn mouthpieces are a single-piece mouthpiece made from Delrin.

Alpenhorn mouthpieces made from delrin