October 9, 2017


“The Perfect Wood” is not quite the correct name for these mouthpieces — for me they are “The Perfect Mouthpiece!” I have been playing exclusively on wooden mouthpieces for over 20 years. I find the natural feel of wood allows me to feel more at one with the instrument but I have found them hard work. As soon as I blew The Perfect Wood I was astonished — everything was easier: production, slotting, range, but in particular ease of projection.

Wayne understands the anatomy of a trumpet mouthpiece intimately. Through a process of consultation he was able to create a mouthpiece that not only suited my style but revitalised my enjoyment in playing — I now feel more comfortable than at any time in my career, and I have been a professional musician for over 30 years. The stainless steel heavy shank of The Perfect Wood completely eliminates the compromises I have had to make with other systems, and I still have the depth and richness to my sound that only wood can bring.

These mouthpieces are not just a ‘curio’ or only for players with a metal allergy, they are a serious piece of kit for any discerning player!

Andy Everton
Principal Trumpet BBC National Orchestra of Wales
Brass Tutor Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama

I play on The Perfect Wood mouthpiece system because it is very comfortable on the embouchure. I can play a full dynamic range with little effort and the mouthpiece has extended my endurance. I can play for hours without getting fatigued. I like the richness of sound this mouthpiece generates.

Wayne has worked with me very closely and has provided systems for my F-trumpet and cornet. Because I play on the The Perfect Wood exclusively, my wife has also tried, and found, The Perfect Wood much more comfortable to play and has also switched over to this system.

My wife and I have been playing Perfect Wood mouthpieces for four years and are very happy with this system.

Karl Schindler
Long-time player of trumpet, cornet, and European rotary valve F-trumpet. He plays with the Vancouver Dorfmusik and has his own Edelweiss band.